The Big WHY of a Union

We sometimes get so busy in the activity of things that we forget the real reason for doing them in the first place. One hears the term union activity and envisions a lot of organizing of workers and the hustle and bustle of it becomes all consuming. To take the time to understand the real reasons and the strategic thinking behind the concept of a union is imperative of these economic times. For now, being involved in the labor industry going on 25 years, I am penning the Why of What I do and what my team members do as well. Recently I asked my staff and members of our unions the “why” of what a union means to them.

In summation, we consider ourselves a good relevant union. We are a UNICORN UNION. We are innovative and we consider all stakeholders like employees, employers, associations, as well as government and regulatory agencies partners in providing the best labor practices.

World Workforce International, an international union, and it’s affiliated unions, provides low cost benefits to its members including the betterment of wages, working conditions, and protecting the rights of workers with grievances toward management. Benefits include: Retirement, Paid Sick Leave, Mental Health, Dental and Health Care and Workers Compensation. To date, ERISA-based employee benefit programs offered by World Workforce International and its affiliated member unions have paid out more than $4.43 million in member benefits.